Perfect little raw lunch on the patio.
A giant white peach, macadamia nut kale salad, and lavender kombucha.

08.19.14 @ 14:5241

  • I work 32+ hour weeks and am getting really lazy about cooking (though I’m working on it). Don’t expect frequent meal/recipe posts.
  • I started a writing blog, because I’m running out of blank notebooks and needed a new place to put my angry words. Here it is.
  • Don’t forget that my resources page has a lot of awesome blogs that you can follow if you’re mad at me for not posting as often as I used to.
  • As per usual, I sway between my main blog and this one and which one I post to more often. These days, it’s my main blog, so if you’re into dark/weird art, tattoos, and pictures of puppies from my work, feel free to follow that.
  • I’m still here to answer questions if you have them, I just don’t really have too much material to post.
  • I hope everyone’s enjoying their summer, and if you live in Australia, I hope it’s not too cold. Have a good week, peaches!
Breakfast and a good book for this lovely, sunny morning.
I couldn’t decide between quinoa and oatmeal, so I went with both. Cooked with almond milk, grated zucchini, chia seeds, flax meal, cinnamon, ground ginger, maple syrup, coconut oil, and cashews.

07.08.14 @ 10:1544

16 miles of biking, 1 mile of pool laps, and an hour of BootyLuv at People’s Yoga later……….Just gonna sleep forever now.

Anonymous asked:

Chia pudding is a good high protein breakfast

It is! But I imagine that it wouldn’t appeal to someone who doesn’t like dessert tofu, since the texture is very similar.

Anonymous asked:

Any suggestions for high-protein vegan breakfast options? I eat peanut butter/ nuts already, and I don't like dessert tofu, so I'm just looking for more options (:

Any whole grain porridge like oatmeal or quinoa, a tofu scramble (this uses firm tofu instead of silken (dessert) tofu), or a green smoothie with protein powder are all great options!